Middlebury Baseball - Registration Closing Today !

Updated Tuesday September 2, 2014 by Babe Ruth Import.

 !! *L*A*S*T*   *C*H*A*N*C*E*   T*O*    *R*E*G*I*S*T*E*R*   *F*O*R*  *F*A*L*L*  *B*A*L*L*  !!

 Fall 2014 Registration……… is closing today !!

Please go to our website and click on "Register Players Online" to register.   

You do not need a username and password to register online.  All registrations must be completed online.


Website:          http://middleburybaseball.baberuthonline.com/            

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Facebook:       https://www.facebook.com/pages/Middlebury-Baseball/352131804827788  

Please send an email to us if you have any questions regarding registrations. 

Email:       middleburybaseball@gmail.com