Middlebury Baseball - Spring 2014 Update

Updated Friday May 16, 2014 by Babe Ruth Import.


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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Middlebury-Baseball/

Email:       middleburybaseball@gmail.com


Middlebury Baseball - Board of Directors:

President - Joe Koziol

Vice President – Vin Anelli

Secretary – Jim Styblo

Treasurer – Pat Dunfee

Vice President – Bob Twombly


Spring 2014 update ....a message from the Board of Directors:

We have had an excellent start to the Spring 2014 Middlebury Basball season!  We have our Instructional 1 and Instructional 2 programs playing baseball at the Shepardson, Ledgewood, and Quassy-Rookie fields.  The Minors and Majors programs are practicing and playing baseball games at the Quassy Complex (Quassy, Koufax, and Rookie fields).  There are up to 11 majors/minors games scheduled at Quassy each week during the spring including our trademark “Under the Lights” Friday night and Saturday night doubleheader games. 

We are very grateful to the many dedicated parents that volunteer to make Middlebury Baseball a successful youth baseball program!   

We pledge to provide an enriching program for our players to experience the fun of baseball.  We strive to build teamwork, friendship, self-esteem, character, courage, and loyalty in our players! 


Our top priority is and will always be our players! 

Middlebury Baseball has a long and successful history with strong ties to our community and the surrounding towns.  The Quassy Field land was purchased by the Town of Middlebury in 1940.  Quassy Field was built in the 1990’s for our baseball program.  Middlebury Baseball’s organizational structure including its Board of Directors has been in place since 1985.  We are thankful to the many members of the Board of Directors that have worked tirelessly over the last 30 years behind the scenes to get fields ready, uniforms ordered, equipment purchased, games scheduled, coaches and players organized into teams, and the many other tasks needed to run the program.  We would also like to sincerely thank Blake Barbarisi and Eric Fauth for their recent contributions to the program. 


Middlebury Baseball’s current organizational structure is in place to efficiently run the business and operations of the program. 

We have identified and filled a number of volunteer positions as noted below.  There are several volunteer positions that remain open for this season.  Please consider volunteering to help out our program!

Middlebury Baseball - Volunteer Positions:

Baseball Programs:

Instructional I Coordinators – Mark Fromowitz, Pat Mulhall

Instructional II Coordinator – Phil Pane

Minors Coordinator – Joe Koziol

Majors Coordinator – Pat Dunfee

Coaches Coordinator – open

Player Coordinator – Mike Weglarz

Uniform & Equipment Manager – open

Travel Coordinator – open 

Baseball Operations:

Field Manager – Bob Twombly

Field Equipment Manager – Rob Leonard

Snack Bar Manager – open

Snack Bar Operations - open 

Business Program:

Webmaster – Jim Styblo

Town Relationship Manager – Vin Anelli

Capital Planning – James Pattillo

Sponsorships & Fundraising- Pat Mulhall